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GET A GRIP Tour 1993-95





1. Eat The Rich
2. Love In An Elevator
3. Back In The Saddle
4. Fever
5. Draw The Line
6. What It Takes
7. Rag Doll
8. Big Ten Inch Record
9. Last Child
10. Cryin'
11. Boogie Man
12. Shut Up And Dance
13. Stop Messin' Round
14. The Other Side
15. Janie's Got A Gun
16. Dude(Looks Like A Lady)
17. Dream On
18. Walk This Way
19. Livin'On The Edge
20. Sweet Emotion
21. Oh Well / Train Kept A Rollin'





Steven Tyler (vocals)


Joe Perry (guitar)


Brad Whitford (guitar)


Tom Hamilton (bass)


Joey Kramer (drums)


Aerosmith (at Woodstock) Living on the Edge


Aerosmith [1993] - Get A Grip (Full Album)




*Note: if you were there and would like to share your memories, pictures or tape please send it




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