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(Set 1: Horses)

01. Gloria
02. Redondo Beach
03. Birdland
04. Free Money
05. Kimberly
06. Break It Up
07. Land / Gloria
08. Elegie








(Set 2: Birthday celebration)
01. Astronomy

(Lenny & Patti shared vocals)
02. Jesus Is Just Alright
03. My Little Red Book

(Lenny Kaye vocal)
04. 7 and 7 Is

(Tony Shanahan vocal)
Happy Birthday to You

(with Jesse, Paris Smith, MIchael Stipe...etc)
05. Dancing Barefoot
06. Beneath the Southern Cross
07. Pissing in a River
08. People Have the Power

(with Jesse, Paris Smith, MIchael Stipe...etc)
09. My Generation








Patti Smith (vocals, guitar)


Lenny Kaye (guitar)


Jackson Smith (guitar)


Andy York (guitar)


Tony Shanahan (bass, keyboards)


Jay Dee Daugherty (drums)





Patti Smith - Riveria Theatre, Chicago, IL -  Dec. 30, 2016 (SET 1)



Patti Smith - Riveria Theatre, Chicago, IL -  Dec. 30, 2016 (SET 2)




*Note: if you were there and would like to share your memories, pictures or tape please send it



Michael Stipe Sings Patti Smith ‘Happy Birthday’ At Her Own Concert



Patti Smith celebrated her milestone 70th birthday in style with help from R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe.

Stipe surprised Smith on stage during the latter’s Chicago concert on Friday night. The female punk icon was performing the entirety of her seminal album “Horses” at the Riveria Theatre.

When the 56-year-old R.E.M. frontman hopped on stage, he did so with a birthday cake. Stipe led the audience in a venue-wide group performance of “Happy Birthday” as confetti ran down from the rafters.

The two musicians are longtime friends and collaborators. Smith has lent her voice for backing vocals in R.E.M. songs “Blue” and “E-Bow The Letter”.

Smith recently performed Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” — in honour of him — at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, but had to stop when she forget the lyrics: “Unaccustomed to such an overwhelming case of nerves, I was unable to continue. I hadn’t forgotten the words that were now a part of me,” she wrote of the incident.



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Patti Smith Celebrates 70th Birthday In Chicago With Sold-Out Show

By Alisa Hauser | December 31, 2016 8:57am

UPTOWN —  Punk rock poet and singer Patti Smith rang in her 70th birthday with a sold-out show at Uptown's Riveria Theatre Friday, where ex-R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe joined her onstage to sing "Happy Birthday" along with fans.

Smith was born in Chicago on December 30, 1946.

Stipe brought out a cake as confetti fell from the ceiling of the venue at 4746 N. Broadway Ave. The birthday excitement was captured by fans on social media.

 Patti Smith showered in birthday confetti.

The Riv show, where Smith performed her 1975 debut album, "Horses," was the first of two Chicago concerts. On Saturday Smith will play Park West for New Year's Eve, which is closer to her actual birthplace, the former Grant Hospital at Lincoln and Webster avenues.

Corbin Reiff, a music writer, posted highlights from the night, tweeting that Smith ended with a "wailing wall of guitar feedback and a venomous (sic), defiant "Not My F---ng President!"

"Have a beautiful birthday and thank you for all of your art. Capricorns rock! #pattismith" one concert goer wrote on Instagram.




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